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About 10 years ago I was made redundant after what seemed like a lifetime of Operational Management. I wanted a change and maybe less stress, someone suggested Driving Instruction might be a good fit for me. 

It appears they were correct 10 Years later I am still enjoying helping others achieve a life changing goal that will be with them for ever.

In my previous roles I was always training and coaching others to achieve their potential within the industry we were in. Helping those who worked for me plan goals for the future and reach and achieve them. I take this same attitude with my students today to help them succeed with their driving.

In my spare time I enjoy doing outside activities a much as possible, I have been practicing Archery for about 8 years and will be probably be practising for the rest of my life because much like driving you never stop learning.  I also recently took up cycling on my E bike which gets me out in the fresh air and slowly getting to travel further and further with leg power.

I enjoy getting out with my dogs on a daily basis and generally plan my whole working day making sure I can get home as much as possible to keep my dogs happy and contented.

My Tuition Car

In 2030 the UK government will ban the sale of new Petrol and Diesel engine cars.

I believe the electrification of cars is the best and most exciting thing to happen to cars in the last 100 years. It has become a bit of an obsession for me and so for the last 6 years I have been teaching in electric vehicles.

I currently teach in a Renault Zoe which is a fantastic car to learn to drive in with some of the latest technology like regenerative braking, virtual one foot driving. With no gears and light steering it is a smooth and quiet pleasure to drive. Once you try an electric car you will not want to go back to smelly dirty petrol or diesel vehicles.

The future is here… join in and learn in a non-polluting vehicle and help improve the air we all breath every day……

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