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I teach in a fully electric car which makes it fully automatic. This is the ideal vehicle for those of you that have tried manual and decided it is far to complicated and not worth the effort of learning.  I agree with you so let’s get you on the road in a car of the future ignore those folk who can’t accept change embrace the future of cars and the freedom that comes with it.

On your first lesson I will ask to see your provisional licence as I need to do a DVLA licence check to ensure your licence has the correct provisional licence category and to see if there are any endorsements. To do this I use the long number on your
licence and the postcode. I will also need you to enter your national insurance number on the DVLA website to view your licence record. If you wear contact lenses or glasses you would need to bring these with you. I will ask you to read a car licence plate from 20 metres, and the test examiner will also ask you to do this before your driving test, so please remember your glasses or contact lenses when attending a lesson or test.

I am sorry to say I will ask for lesson payment at the start of each lesson this can be cash, card or bank transfer.  You can also take advantage of the block lessons discounts offered by UDrive.

You are now ready to drive my fully insured vehicle.  We will discuss any previous experience you have and how that might be valuable to our lessons. We will then find a quietish bit of road and put you in the driving seat…as that is why you are here.

I firmly believe that the best place to learn is in the driver’s seat behind the steering wheel on the road. At the beginning of each lesson, we will recap the previous lesson and discuss and agree on a subject for the lesson today. With my guidance you will learn how to drive safely to the best of your ability, we will have to pull up at the side of the road on occasion but I will keep this to a minimum.

At UDrive we use the Total Drive app this has lots of resources that are available to you such as a progress record, reflective log which we can fill in at the end of each lesson.

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